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BOOKS written, illustrated, & printed 


A variation of an old southern folk tale about a walking catfish and the related problems that surround the pet.

Letterpress text with woodcut illustrations and one multi-colored woodcut of the deadly night gar. 27 pages , paper-over-board binding in a clam -shell box

made in  1992

edition of 250



Jugline complete

Original Jugline story plus additional materials containing images of portfolios, installations, and essays  that have followed the original publication.

made in 2019

edition of 250


The short story of a visionary packer who sends heartfelt packages to family and friends.

A combination of letterpress text with 10 color woodcut illustrations of his surrealistic packages ina faux Museum of the Container catalog.

53 pages.  cloth-over-board cover

created in 1994

edition 250



Caron_Gallery_Ke_Francis_Penumbra_Cover1 copy.jpg

Dixie compass 

Dixie Compass is a group of short stories that examine the complexity of the southern spirit. The stories reveal a wide range of environments and emotional experiences that don't quite match the current assessment of southern places and the people who inhabit them.

Octagonal letterpress book  with letterpress text and color woodcuts and digital illustrations . Hardbound paper over board cover. 

edition of 50

made in 1994




A fictional story about a veteran pilot who returns to his Mississippi delta home, finds work as a crop duster , makes friends with the local farming community and pulls a dangerous prank that leads to the naming of the town.

Letterpress book with paper binding and four color woodcut illustrations .

made in 1998



A tent revivalist tells and interesting tale  about a shark and the devil. 

Letterpress text with one multi-color relief and three engravings. 14 pages hardbound

Edition of 30

Made in 2009




Plaguetime cosmetology

A short story that follows the timeline of the Covid-19 pandemic ( timeline to the left of the page and story line to the right). Social media celebrity magazines, and the Greek mythology surrounding the concept of beauty lead a cosmetologist on a quest for spiritual and physical unity with her patriotic boyfriend. Inspired by the presidents suggestion this speedy lube mechanic takes frequent and measured doses of Hydroxy- chloroquine to fight the virus. Their relationship takes a strange trajectory as the pandemic death toll tops one -half million people.

The folio contains a hardbound cloth-over-board book, an audio CD of the artist-read story , and a portfolio of 12 individually signed prints on the Covid-19 theme.

Edition of 10 

Made in 2021

Plague Time Cosmetology#16_edited_edited

Cyclops and the willow

This is the story of a recent book arts graduate with no equipment or studio who is forced to take a job in salesat an office supply store to pay the bills. She meets a tunnel visioned , drug dealing predator with minor musical talent  at a art gallery opening . Through a twisting series of events she finds her problems solved.  3 full- page color images from scanned engravings by the artist /author, printed on acid free paper with cloth -over - board binding. 32 pages 

edition of 50 books

made in 2023



 A folio of individual loose -leaf prints. Four narrative texts with  relief prints and 4 hand watercoloured  etchings based on the gospel song Beulah Land.   

Cloth-over-board Folio

edition of 22

made in 2017


crescent review

A literary journal with collected short stories. Offset printed publication with twenty woodcut illustrations and twenty  woodcut capital letters. Clam shell box includes twenty signed  original prints plus the original Crescent Review publication, Spring 1993, Volume 11 number 1.


A short essay on the content of the artist /author's work in literature, sculpture, painting , printmaking and book arts.

6 digital images and four letterpress pages.

26 pages, letterpress paper cover   ,

size 6 1/2 x 9 in.

edition of 200  made in 2023

The priority
of content



celestial hitchhikers

A poignant story of a young hitchhiker's experience on the road and a portable monument to Jack Kerouac. Letterpress text , lithographic and digital illustrations.

66 pages , Hardbound fabric -over-board with 94 inch fold out.

edition of 50



molecular prom

A young filmmaker faces and solves pressing funding problems with reductive reasoning . Letterpress text with digital and relief printed illustrations  .

cloth -over -board cover

made in 2018



A short story of the trials and tribulations of a sculptor and his patient wife.

Letterpress text with engravings,

Cloth -over- board cover, 15 pages

made in 2012

Hoopsnake Press edition of 35


wyndell Cover #18.jpg




This book is a short essay that relates the artist/author's work  produced during the covid-19 pandemic to his previous series of work and to the work of significant American landscape artists in history. The current paintings, prints, photographs and books adress climate change and the inter-dependancy of all the elements in our natural environment. 

Letterpress printed with digital prints and photographs.

made in 2021


Kill the messenger

A  sequencial, fan fold book (set of

two bindings) with enigmatic digital

photographs and a very short text block.

Hard bound , fabric over-board cover

photography by the artist/author

made in 2016



Rock in a Hard place

This book contains two short stories by Francis with related photographs and prints. The stories explore the paths taken by each of the central characters as they struggle to resolve personal problems that have them caught between a rock and a hard place. The stories deal with southern myth and artistic passion. Sometimes the magic works ,sometimes it doesn't.  

Embossed aluminum Hoopsnake Press inset on cover

digital photo , digital prints and transparency , 3 page fold-out , 2- color relief print , letterpress text and hand engraving.

edition of 100  

made  in 2018


italy america

A portfolio of 10 digital photographs taken during the period of 1992-2014. The images are scanned from large format negatives. The folio contains the book Red Boot . 

made in 2023


Three friends

A short story about an old river turtle , the magic moon, and an albino catfish with an illuminating conversation between these three friends the catfish  faces problems with predators, endangers his catfish peers and struggles to find an understanding mate.

made in 2021


Leonardo syndrome

A sculptor roams the Arkansas mountains to the Mystic Crystal Cave in search of an old friend, a self- trained potter and a part-time preacher. A spelunker falls in the Mystic Cave. 

48 pages with 3 full page images, 2 - 2 page images and a fold out unique alphabet based on the story. Smyth -sewn binding with a cloth -over- board cover

made in 2022

edition of 50



 This book is composed of two short stories about knives. Both stories address the subject of male sensitivity. The first is about a young man who performs a sensitive act and then questions it when a poet on t.v. explains what he thinks are attributes of male sensitivity. The second story is about a man who was a knife and is saved by a heart scabbard.

36 pages, woodcut print cover

edition 100

made 1996


Book collaborations 
made with 
hoopsnake press

 A collaborative project with music by Jeff Rupert and art by Ke Francis. There are musical compositions by Rupert ( with an included CD entitled Memphis to Mobile) and regional photographs and woodcuts by Ke Francis

Letterpress text in three folios . The text includes and essay on Rupert"s music by the director of the Institute of Jazz studies at Rutger's University.

Made in 2008

60 pages, edition of 30 books


memphis to


hunting the crested snipe

A  bestiary

five etchings by Robert Rivers 

poem and short story by Ke Francis

23 pages, hardbound fabric-over-board with 94  inch fold out

Made in 1996



A brooding and dark poem by Michael Hannon and apocalyptic engravings and landscape by Ke Francis . The works were completed independently in 2012 (images) and 2020 (poem). The artist and the poet shared the works in the winter of 2021 and decided to combine the completed images and publish this book in the spring- summer of 2021 , the year of the covid-pandemic

idiot wind





6AB Pilgrims Process_edited.jpg

Poems by Micheal Hannon and etchings by William Wiley,

letterpress folios in 2 clam shell boxes. Designed by and printed by Ke Francis.

54 pages with 19 etchings 

made in 1998


red boot

A selection of unique experiences that are the result of American encounters with European culture, linguistic misinterpretations, and a short , improbable, but almost pre-ordained male/female meeting.

36 pages with 2-3 page foldouts

cloth -over board cover

made  in 2019

Collaborative print made with Lujan Perez.


Redboot Cover #12.jpg
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