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Mission Statement 

     After years of producing multi-media objects ,I have become known as a "Narrative Artist". I haven't found myself at odds with that classification because I come from a land where three great narrative cultures merged. The African American tradition of narrative history and Native American storytelling, merged with the Celtic ballads in Mississippi. I consider that tradition my birthright.

     I have produced work that contained "implied narrative" in which there was a dialogue between the elements of the  composition that was implied but not available to the viewer, and I have worked with "direct narrative" where image and text have a mimetic relationship.

     My artworks, including paintings, prints, recordings, sculpture, photography, and books, seek to explain and explore the interdependence of life on this planet. The whole environment is dependent on the health of all the natural components and that health is dependent on understanding, protection, and support.

     My work has intuitively fallen into three groupings: works relating to the FIRMAMENT,  works related to PANGAIA ( the land, seas, and their inhabitants), and works relating to the UNDERWORLD.

      Across the three spatial divisions, dreams and reality merge. The subconcious and the conscious minds are bridged and myths are created. Animals speak to humans. Life comes to an end and is reborn, the elements are reconsitituted, and spirits are carried , across time, by inherited DNA.

     This is my vision of reality , and the core of that is expanded vision is carried forth in the combination of all of my creative efforts in the books I produce. My literary work is contained in book form and is available to the literate. The illiterate of our population have access to my vision through my other expressive media.

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